Miami Bird Control The formula of our success is not intricate. We have fantastic people that are delivering outstanding bird control services. It is not surprising why most of our clients remained loyal to our company for more than ten years. We are a family-owned local company founded by a couple who used to work on a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Their years of service in the facility had taught them how important each creature is in keeping the balance of our ecosystem. Apart from road kills, they noticed how most animals would be harmed when using lethal traps, toxic fumes, and poisons. Since we operate close to the proximity of the business and residential areas, we are very accessible. We are a green company; we only use eco-friendly bird control products and environmentally-sensitive strategies. We follow a stern employee-hiring process since we want our customers to be at ease when opening their doors to us. All candidates will have to go through a series of interviews and background checks. We also create a personality profile, drug screening, assessment exam, and others. Since our inception, the locals have come to trust us regarding their bird invasion problems. Other companies are surprised at how we became the industry leader. By providing them with excellent service and the highest quality of output, we will remain the company chosen by the people.

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